The Mouse Killa (March 8,2012)

A year ago, one Sunday morning while serving guests, I noticed an elderly gentleman consientiously mowing the lawn across the street , in the rain.  I thought to myself "What a trooper!" and ran across the street to ask him if he would mow our lawn as well.  Our gardener was a lovely woman, but our gardens were showing signs of neglect so I thought I would lighten her burden.  Steve turned out to be of Portuguese descent and quite knowledgeable about gardening even if it was difficult to understand his very heavy accent.  He agreed to mow our lawn and so it began - our gardens started to look lovelier by the week.  One day, Steve said he was going to put on the Mouse Killa. New to Victoria, I hadn't realized mice were an issue in the garden, but I nodded and went into the house.  A while later, my husband asked me if I could ask Steve what we should do about the moss in the shady part of the garden, so out I went to make my inquiries.  Steve looked at me as if I were stupid and replied "Ya, ya, dats vat I  bin doin - puttin on the Mouse killa!!"