How It Came To Be

When Derek and I came to Victoria, we had little innkeeping experience.  We had had an informal arrangement with a little apartment we had in an old farmhouse outside of Creemore, Ontario,  but nothing like the pace of Victoria accommodations.  My husband, a great fan of Monty Python and the Fawly Towers series, one day had a mishap in the kitchen and remarked to one of the guests "Oh well, a Fawlty Towers moment", to which the guest replied "Oh dear, I hope not!".  And so, our experiences in our new life as innkeepers began.

Since my husband is 6' 4" and I am considerably shorter, at 5'2", we still think of ourselves as Basil Fawlty and Sybil, on days when things don't always go "comme il faut", but nonetheless, give us something to laugh about. After all, they do say laughter is the best medecine and we will try to bring you some our anecdotes to these pages from time-to-time.  We hope you will enjoy them and laugh along with us , even at us, that's OK!