Rooms Regency Guestroom

Room details Regency Guestroom

This upper level guestroom provides guests with a queen size bed.  The room faces the front garden of the guest house.  It is bright in the morning.  Its sunny yellow colour can lift the mood no matter what time of day.

There is a single antique cot in the suite, would work for a child* or small adult.  (The antique cot is narrower and shorter than a twin bed.  A twin bed measures 38" x 75".  This cot's mattress measures 31" x 71"). Additional $25 per night for additional person. 

The Regency room has an ensuite with a claw footed soaker tub, shower, sink and toilet. Rate for singletons: $99-$165

* The guest house is not suitable for children younger than 8 years of age.


  • Free Wireless Internet
  • No televisions or phones
  • Private washroom
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