The Pitfalls of Packaging

The other morning, I awoke to a most interesting e-mail!  It was a repeat guest, inquiring after our Special Promotions.  He wanted to know whether the "Dip Me in Chocolate" package was $279, room included, or $279 for the package (room rates extra).

Good question!  The Victoria's Historic Inns group had jazzed up the package with a carriage ride, which, for most of them, is a no-brainer, but for some of us, requires delivering our guests to the actual location of the carriage rides, thereby incurring a little more in costs.

Since all of us in the group charge different room rates, it was agreed that we would promote a price exclusive of room rates and taxes.  However, we retained the feature of 2 nights' accommodation as part of the package, because that is how long we would like the guests to stay.  What a dilemma!

This was one Basil stayed well out of and I decided to limit the delights of the package to just the extras quoted - the delights of the various rooms will be subject to the various seasonal rates plus taxes!