March 1/12 - The New Doorbell

Well, did I feel like Sybil this weekend!  I came back from a trip to Ontario to discover that Derek had installed a new doorbell.  Apparently, Derek had had to deal with irate guests as the push button on the old doorbell was failing  so he decided to install an obnoxious but supposedly more effective product.  Quite pleased with himself, Derek demonstrated the workings of the new bell, then went off to do his chores.  A little while later, I was at the computer, listening to a pair of feet pound up the front stairs and then came a loud banging at the door. "Derek", I yelled. "Your new doorbell isn't working and our guests are leaving!" (I could hear feet heading back down the stairs). He rushed upstairs and a few minutes later, came down a little shame-faced, having dealt with the incoming guest. "So what's the deal with your new doorbell?" asked I.  "Oh" he replied, a little embarassed. "I'd forgotten to install the new push button!"